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When repairing a cavity, a composite filing can restore your tooth to shape and function, while also mimicking the tooth’s natural shade.

During the first step, your tooth is prepared by removing the decayed portion, leaving a small area that will filled with the composite.

Next, a special bonding agent is applied to the prepared area. This bonding process helps to ensure that the filling will attach to the natural tooth structure. A special curing light is then used to set the bonding fluid.

Your dentist then applies the composite material to fill the prepared area and shapes it to match the contours of your tooth’s surface. Again, using the special curing light, the shaped composite is hardened to resist the forces of the opposing teeth.

As a final step, your dentist will polish the composite filling to smoothen it and give it a similar sheen to the rest of your tooth.

Once completed, your tooth is free of decay and restored to its natural strength and appearance.

DentAria Dental Clinic Clinique Dentaire services dentists

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